WIAW: The Best Summer Day

Today was awesome. But really.

Has someone ever asked you what your perfect day would be like? I get that question all the time and always seem to struggle a little bit with the answer.

I love so many random things that I always find it hard to pack them into one day.

Hence, my busy life.

But today was bonkers awesome. Almost perfect, I daresay. Wanna hear the down-low?

<<inserting chorus of yes’s here>>

Alrighty then!

What I Wore:

Yesterday, I was feeling super jazzy. Like wear-a-blazer-just-because jazzy. It was so much fun, and I was digging it. Style is the language of my imagination…

But today, I wasn’t really feelin’ it. Today was more of workout clothes kind of day. Ya know, one of those. I guess I just like to pretend my Wednesdays are one hugh jass Nike commercial. #sorryimnotsorry


Is it socially acceptable to wear a sports bra and running shorts all day? Probably not.

Is that going to stop me? Probably not.

What I Ate…and Did

Again, I planned to wake up early and go to yoga, but after staying up last night to do some graphic design work, I wasn’t up till 10. Soo breakfast it was.

This would be the part when my dear mother says “tough life.”

Touche, mother dearest.


After editing my bagel post the other day, I woke up craving one of the best bagels on earth.

Chewy, doughy goodness. Oh my.


Plus an iced coffee. After reading about Tina’s love of said delicious beverage, I became hooked. Apparently, it was National Iced Coffee Day too.


Paradise, indeed.

I proceeded to crank some tunes and scroll through my blog reader for around an hour. Watermelon entered the picture…but went unpictured. (Irony, I know.)

For some unknown reason, I was feeling a little grumpy. The skies were gray outside and I didn’t feel like sitting on my butt inside for hours. So with crankiness and motivation battling it out, I decided to do the something I knew would cheer me up.

Hot yoga!

Seriously, it is insane how much I have fallen in love with it. There have been points in my life—particularly when I was doing track and field—when I stopped enjoying exercising. To be honest, I haven’t really been able to enjoy running as much since then. Whether due to physical or emotional injury, it took a lot of the fun out of simply running for the sake of running.

But back to hot yoga. I was feeling sluggish, which meant I needed to get out of the house or bust.

So I grabbed my yoga mat, filled my Camelback, and headed out the door.IMG_1439

I walked into Hot Yoga Sculpt, the hardest class at the studio, and gulped. The class was jam-packed by the time I got there, and there was barely enough room for me to squeeze my mat into the front of the room.

I’m not going to lie—at that point, I started doubting myself and wondering if perhaps I shouldn’t have come. But as soon as I considered bailing, I put on my game face. Hard or not, packed or not, I was NOT quitting.

And so I did it. The class was hilariously awesome. A mixture of hot vinyasa yoga + free weights + dancing to Jai Ho + peaceful stretching…all at once. It was crazy wonderful, and I walked out of that class smiling like a total goofball. A sweaty goofball, that is. 

By the time I got home, I was still smiling. Smiling and hungry !


I popped a sweet potato into the toaster oven before I left, and it was waiting for me when I walked in the door.


Roasty-toasty mmmm. With walnut butter.

Have you tried this yet? PLEASE say you have.

It is life-changing. Nope, not kidding.


After I finished my sweet potato, I moved on to the second course.

Broccoli with a creamy cheese and smoked paprika sauce.


Easy peasy. Fresh steamed broccoli florets + a garlic cheez sauce (nutritional yeast, garlic powder, sea salt, pepper, and smoked paprika). Super simple, but I’ll probably type up a loose recipe in case anyone is interested.

Following lunch, I got in the car and drove about 10 minutes to my eye appointment. The good news: my prescription has basically stabilized, and I’ll be a great candidate for Lasik in a few years. Whoopee!

To celebrate (hehe), I headed to my favorite place on Earth……..


I walked around the store for a bit (nope, it still isn’t any less exciting to me Open-mouthed smile) and then headed to the kombucha section.

Oh kombucha, how I love thee.

I love tangy/acidic things and kombucha is no exception. I was about to grab one of the GT Synergy kombuchas (my usual) but at the last second, decided to try a new bottle instead.


Kevita Strawberry Acai Coconut.

I had high hopes for this and took a sip as soon as I was back in the car on the way home. It was good, but I was a little disappointed. It didn’t taste like the kombucha with which I’m familiar. It wasn’t bad—just not what I was expecting. In the future, I’ll probably stick to GT’s.

Once home, I dawdled for a few minutes before grabbing my yoga mat yet again.

This time, I headed to the studio for a posture/alignment class. Normally, I don’t go twice a day, but my favorite teacher of all time was leading the class. Because I won’t be home for too much longer and she only teaches two classes, I decided to go.

Again, I didn’t regret it! I came home happy as clam. Relaxed in both muscle and mind.



As soon as I walked inside, I was met by Mum and Dad who were prepping dinner.

“Veggie Tacos” was on the menu!

One of dinner faves for sure.


The recipe is pretty no fuss, but my mom has been making it for years. I’ve never had anything quite like it, and as a vegetarian, I particularly appreciate them now. When I’m home from school, my mom always obliges my request for these tacos. I pretty much have the best mom ever. They’re delicious and always made with good stuff—veggies and love, of course.


Did you guess the dessert I kept yammering about this week?

I’d like to introduce you to……….pecan pie!

I’m usually not a pie person, but I wanted to experiment a little over break and decided to tackle pie.

My family loves pecan pie, so I was crossing my fingers that this would be a winner.













Verdict? Two thumbs up! Mum, Dad, and Blake all gave their the seal of approval and deemed it a “definite make again.”

I’m not typically a pie person, but I did enjoy this too. Not too sweet and a slightly healthier version, considering it had no corn syrup or other random additives.

I didn’t change the original recipe too much, but I’ll repost it in the next few days for ya’ll !


I also had some apple slices (gala + red delicious) later to tie me over until breakfast tomorrow morning.

Now, I’m finishing up a few things before bed, and mother dearest is reading in my other twin bed.

Thus concludes a perfect summer day. Smile


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12 responses to “WIAW: The Best Summer Day

  1. caloricandcrazy

    Sweet potato with any kind of nut butter is AHMAZING!😀
    cute blog btw,😉

  2. I’m not a fan of that Kevita kombucha either. I tried Bucha blood orange for the first time the other day, but my love will always be for GT’s!

  3. Return of apples! I can’t wait – I’ve been craving them.

    I love the challenge of yoga and you should see my face! I get so intense.

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