Cornbread in a Bowl and An Awesome Vegetarian Chicken Quesadilla


Cheep cheep! Good morning there Smile

I think being home in California for less than a month this summer has done something quite interesting.

It’s made me love every day here.

Yup, cheesy as it sounds, every day spent home—whether laying on a beach or meandering around the kitchen—seems wonderful. It’s relaxing, which is oddly hard for a person who is normally crazy busy such as myself. And I’m enjoying it. Spending time with friends and family has taken on a subtly different meaning, which has been refreshing. In ways I wouldn’t expect, college has broadened by perspective.

So yesterday, in a nutshell. Simple, funny, and fabulous.

It started with a new breakfast!


Cornbread in a bowl!

photo 2

Being that I love breakfast, I have either one of two problems: I want everything, and I can’t decide which to choose. OR I want none of the options, and all the options seem lacking.

Yesterday was the latter. On and off, on and off went the light in the pantry as I contemplated over and over, driving my mom nuts in the process. Pancakes, waffles, and baked goods seemed like too much effort. Oatmeal and cereal just weren’t calling to me. Bagels had been the day before yesterday…and the day before that. Hrmmmm.

So I decided to go with something completely new: cornbread in a bowl!

photo 1

With honey, peanut butter, & banana topping. Unconventional cornbread for sure. But nonetheless, it rocked my socks. Breakfast rut no more! And the best part? Totally customizable.

If you hate peanut butter (ahem B) or you can’t stand bananas (ahem E), worry not. Swap PB for walnut butter or the bananas for chocolate chips, and it’ll still be amazing.

Recipe? SOON! I’m blogging about this breakfast as a part of a Small Kitchen College post, so I need to save some details for then. What I can tell you….

1) It’s easy

2) It requires no stove

3) You will love it

Kapeesh? Let’s talk lunch.


After a few hours of catching up on e-mails and foregoing noon yoga (against my better judgment), I started thinking about lunch. C made a comment about quesadillas the other day at whole foods. So quesadillas it was!

Chicken quesadillas actually. Yes, I’m still vegetarian. Since when has that stopped me?

Whole wheat tortilla, light jack cheese, Gardein Chick’n Scallopine (love these), homemade lime guacamole, and nonfat sour cream.

photo 1

Plus leftover veggie taco filling from the other night. On a cute fish platter. Smile

This quesadilla was awesome. (Recipe TONIGHT. Hold me to it!). The restaurant below my old dorm back at Georgetown has quesadillas that always spurs a craving. I daresay this version is even better though. Truthfully, I wasn’t a fan of the nonfat sour cream on the side. Restaurants typically put it on the side, so I tried it out, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I would have much preferred a little side of Greek yogurt, I think.

I watched a few episodes of Glee, with a bowl of watermelon by my side. Then, I got ready for hot yoga. Since I had lazed around the house all day, I was quite appropriately feeling lazy. Once in the studio though, I was raring to go.

And then…

….Part 2 to come later!

Winking smile


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4 responses to “Cornbread in a Bowl and An Awesome Vegetarian Chicken Quesadilla

  1. Wow that cornbread in a bowl looks and sounds really good…and I’m picky when it comes to cornbread. I think I would keep the pb and swap in chocolate chips for the banana.

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