So Long California

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Today is an odd day. Three short weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to be back in California. Finals “season” at Georgetown was trying in ways I still can’t quite describe. Academically? Yes, it was hard, but even more so, it was emotionally draining. In early May, there were some absolutely wonderful times but also some incredibly stressful and confusing times too. Long story short, I couldn’t wait for days exactly like today.

Today meaning…


Waking up on the later side, enjoying a leisurely breakfast, catching up on blogs, sipping coffee, hanging out at the beach with a best friend, going to hot yoga, and enjoying dinner with the family.

My time in California has been wonderful. Filled with friends and family, it has been a much needed balance of relaxation time to myself and activity with others. There were certainly times when I was ready to reassume “college life,” but all the while, I knew that I needed to be home.


Fast-forward three weeks. The feeling is bittersweet. But at the same time, there’s much I didn’t have time to do in my short time here. Friends at California state schools aren’t home yet, so I haven’t seen many of my high school friends. Errands were put off. And my California summer “bucket list” is nowhere near complete. Now that I’m sitting at the airport, I feel the tiny worry that I’m leaving too soon rising from a little place inside of me.


But on the other hand, I wouldn’t change my decision for the world. I cannot even begin to convey my excitement for this summer as a whole. In fact, it very well may be the best summer of my life.

  • 3 weeks home in California (check!)
  • 10 days in New York on a family vacation
  • Remainder of the summer (~6 weeks) spent in Washington D.C. interning, working at The Corp, living with my roommate, and hanging out with friends

Looking at that line-up, I can honestly say that I don’t know if I could imagine a better plan for this summer. I’ve loved my time in California and feel a little strange for leaving so soon, but I absolutely can’t wait to go back to the East Coast. To some degree, I feel like I relate better to the people there, that I’m more in my natural element in D.C. Despite my worries, I feel like it’s where I’m supposed to be.

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So, my dear California, au revoir–goodbye for now.

Here’s to taking a chance and making memories along the way. Here’s to the beauty of one home to another. Here’s to an amazing summer 2012.


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4 responses to “So Long California

  1. That’s so exciting! I had no idea that you were going back so soon but you have some awesome opportunities waiting for you🙂

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