WIAW: The Best of New York

[[Oops, I totally thought I published this but forgot! Excuse the out-of-order craziness!]]

Hi friends! Smile

Has it really been a week? Wowza, I miss my little bloggie.

It’s been a big last few weeks. East Coast, West Coast, Los Angeles, New York, and so much more.

Care for the summary? Here’s what happened:

Home, Sweet California: I finished my freshman year at Georgetown University and came home to California! It was a busy last two weeks at Georgetown, and I really needed to go home for a little while to sort it out.

Reconnected with Home: I hung out with family, saw best friends, went to the beach, and lived the California life.

College Cooking, Minus the Dorm: I told you about chillin’ and grillin’, as well as cornbread (in a bowl!!!!)

Say Hello to Los Angeles: I went to LA…not once, but twice!

Counted My Blessings: Reader appreciation all around! (Courtesy of Haley Smile)

Sunsets I Won’t Forget: I celebrated one final weekend in California.

Thanks for the Memories: I visited someone very special to me and gave you a recipe to match!

All Things Golden State: I spent a final day in California and threw a WIAW party in its honor

Musings on Home: I thought. A lot. About this summer and home…and everything in between. I gave you the run down for this summer–

  1. 3 weeks home in California
  2. 1 week in New York on family vacation
  3. Rest of the summer in Washington D.C., working/interning/living a summer with my best friends!

Whew, I told you a lot happened! So what’s been happening lately?


But New York didn’t just happen. I sufficiently ate my way through it too!

I have so so so so so many pictures of New York eats, but I don’t want to be responsible for death by pixels. Let’s go with a random mishmash of what I ate, did, saw, etc., shall we? And because you know how much I love lists, let’s throw some numbers in the mix too.

Feast your eyes, my friends, because this WIAW post is about to get cray.


[[From top left, clockwise]]

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 1

WIAW for…My Belated Birthday in New York

  1. Double Rainbow..whoa! : The moment we arrived in LaGuardia Airport, it was raining and had been for awhile. We managed to make it to the Hertz rental lot semi-dry, and soon enough, the rain stopped. While Mum and Dad took care of getting the car inside, Blake and I sat on a bench outside and talked. Then, we saw a pretty fantastic rainbow. And not just any rainbow…a double rainbow!
  2. Birthday Dinner: My birthday is April 30—a perfect time in Spring that I absolutely love. Except for the fact that it signifies the beginning of AP tests in high school and finals in college. POOP. My family has kindly offered to celebrate my birthday in a belated fashion instead for the past few years. And this year, we decided to celebrate while in New York City! The dinner pick: Josie’s East Side. I would have probably tried Candle Café were I alone, but I don’t think Blake and Dad would have been too excited about all vegetarian options.
  3. The Birthday Order: Forever on the hunt for the world’s best veggie burger, I ordered the multigrain veggie burger (quinoa, barley, and one other?) with soy cheddar cheese. The burger patty itself was decent, but I wasn’t a big fan of the soy cheese. Typically, I love soy cheese, but this variety had a super strange after taste. Still, the patty was good! I got a side of pumpkin soup as well.
  4. OMG OMG OMG DESSERT: Seriously, even if you skim over the rest of the post, read this. Post-dinner, we set out for dessert. A friend raved about Magnolia Bakery, but I had my eye on Lula’s Apothecary earlier. Because I have a hugh jass sweet tooth but am also terribly indecisive, I somehow persuaded my parents to go on a crusade for both desserts. We picked up a gigantic slice of coconut cake from Magnolia Bakery, before making our way to Greenwich Village for a vegan confection from Lula’s. At Lula’s, Blake and I split a two-scoop cup of cookies ‘n cream ice cream and a cup of cake batter soft serve. The frozen desserts from Lula’s were AMAZING!!!!! Absolutely delicious—vegan or otherwise. The Magnolia cake was mediocre, especially in comparison to the Lula’s desserts. If you are in NYC, please go try Lula’s ASAP.

photo 5photo 4

What I Decided…New York, I Love You

  1. These Lights Will Inspire You: Walking out of Grand Central Station, I couldn’t stop smiling. I love New York City. As a person who never stops moving, NYC suits me in ways I can’t explain. It makes me feel so incredibly alive, as if the bustle and life of the city infuses into my own soul. I don’t know that I could live there my entire life, but I know for sure that I could live there for a bit of time.
  2. Late and Looking Good: Because I try to pack so much into one day, I’m often late going and coming places. My family and friends always tease me about it, so when I saw this sign, I was practically dancing with glee. (Maybe that was the sugar high?). Okay okay, so maybe I “interpreted” this sign a little bit, but hey, let’s just call that creative license.

photo 2photo 4photo 5photo 1

What I Saw…Mohonk Mountain House

  1. White Cedars: After dinner in NYC, we drove an hour north and then spent the night in a hotel on the way to our final destination. The next morning, we arrived at one of my favorite places on Earth—Mohonk Mountain House. This place is special beyond words, and being that it’s our third visit, our White Cedars cottage feels like home.
  2. A Thousand Sparkling Diamonds:Mohonk sits on a lake that is absolutely breathtaking. Nestled in the mountains, it is the most perfect retreat from the worries of life. There’s gazeboes all around the lake that allow for optimal sitting and soaking in of the beauty. In the sunlight, the lake’s sparkling is more than can be illustrated in photograph.
  3. Plants and Paths: Surrounded by tons of hiking trails, Mohonk has more than enough to keep me busy between the week. I’ve taken to hiking up the mountain most mornings to start off my day. It’s the time I take to simply contemplate and think to myself.

Questions of the Day:

Have you ever been to New York?
City slicker or country kid?


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8 responses to “WIAW: The Best of New York

  1. I love photo 5 from the Mohonk Mountain House.

  2. I just moved to DC after graduating from college and have been here for three weeks now, I love it!

  3. So… where is the world’s best veggie burger thus far?

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