{snow day}

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

happy snow day from washington d.c.!

the reader’s digest version: 

brought to you by a royal sh*t ton of snow [atta girl, mother nature!]
beer for breakfast, chillin in da snow [crushin it]
homemade cinnamon rolls & coffee [fo real]
and 0% productivity [duh]
and that one boy next door who just yodeled for the 536th time. [no comment]



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3 responses to “{snow day}

  1. Sam

    Keepin’ it classy.😉

  2. Every time I see a “snow day” post on here or Instagram or whatever I always get jealous. Such a thing doesn’t exist where I live ;[ Damn New Zealand and the comfortable temperature and persistent sunshine ;]

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